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Why we’re so excited about the combination of Mediaocean and 4C

Jul 16, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Earlier this week we announced that 4C will be acquired by Mediaocean. For more on the news itself you can read the official press releasemessage from Alok and Lance, or abundance of press coverage.
Here we’ll lay out our thesis on why this combination of companies is so compelling and point to some of the strategic benefits for clients, partners, and the industry at large.


The advertising industry is transforming. With the proliferation of devices and applications, media consumption has fragmented massively. Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen the rise of connected TV, social, subscription media, privacy regulation, and e-commerce while traditional channels such as national and local TV and radio still account for a significant share of time spent. Reaching consumers is vastly harder now for global marketers and their agency partners.


Advertising is a $700 billion industry that drives economies globally. As media consumption has shifted, the largest global marketers still have the same goals – to leverage advertising for growth – creating brand awareness, generating interest, and selling products and services. Marketers want to reach the right audiences with the right message on any device, and marketing investment must generate return on ad spend (ROAS) with transparency and accountability.


Marketers need to market the way consumers consume – seamlessly across all channels and devices. Marketers need to be accountable to their bottom lines more than ever before. Marketers need sophisticated tools to simplify everything and stimulate growth. Marketers need a transparent and efficient media supply chain connecting agencies, sellers, data, technology, and partners globally.


Processing $150 billion annually in advertising, Mediaocean is a foundational partner to global marketers, ad agencies, and media sellers. With the acquisition of 4C, Mediaocean will continue to transform itself and the industry by creating a modern system of record for omnichannel advertising.


Together, the combined companies are uniquely positioned to deliver on the requirements for future success…

The system of record must be independent from media owners as well as neutral and open to provide transparency, controls, and auditability.

The system of record must integrate across planning and buying so that each layer of functionality is connected seamlessly and converged across all media channels to enable omnichannel advertising.

The system of record must leverage AI and ML to aggregate and interpret data and make decisions that will create efficiency and effectiveness.

The system of record must be open and interoperable with supply, technology, and data partners across all media – including open and closed ecosystems – and support bi-directional data flow.

The system of record must continually improve business outcomes on a global basis for all stakeholders.


This acquisition marks both the culmination and continuation of a journey for both Mediaocean and 4C on the path to media convergence – and that’s why we’re so excited about the company convergence. We’ll share more as our plans coalesce and look forward to hitting the road(map) together.

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