Welcome to the Living Room Battle Royale

Aug 02, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

There’s been a lot of talk in the marketing world about the war for consumer attention. The living room is just one battle in that fight but perhaps the most daunting for brands to break through given it’s where TV reigns supreme.

Back in the day it was not very daunting at all. Maybe expensive but not daunting. All you had to do was pay for the privilege of running your commercial on a few networks that captured all the eyeballs.

Today’s those eyeballs are spread across channels and co-opted by phones, tablets, and computers. Sometimes they’re covered completely with VR headsets. And of course it’s not just the eyeballs in play. There are devices operated by voice that can deliver content and commerce.

Sometimes the job of a marketer feels like a Fortnite Battle Royale. Watch your brand get dropped off in a room with 100 others vying to win a zero-sum game. Good luck getting those V-Bucks!

Here at 4C, we’re on a mission to help brands win the battle of the living room and the war for consumer attention. That goes for all channels, devices, and whatever else comes next. But we know it’s too expensive to try and capture them all. Which is why we empower marketers with access to the formats, platforms, and moments that are best positioned to win. So you can go from daunting to taunting.

Now it’s time for your half fortnightly 4C’s Insights.

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