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Dec 06, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Here at 4C, we love using data to make predictions about the future. It’s how the core of our platform works. And it’s also at the core of our content marketing strategy.

From sports to politics we’ve seen how our data can predict real-world outcomes. Now we’re turning our focus to the marketing and media industries.

4C’s 2019 Predictions paper outlines six predictions we’re making ranging from trends in TV advertising to streaming video to social to ecommerce to, yep, politics.

It’s a quick read with one page per prediction and BIG fonts. You’ll find a summary of our POV, some data substantiating our claim, and a quote from one of our execs.

So what are you waiting for? Download the report and make sure your brand is set up for success in 2019.

4C 2019 Predictions

Now, it’s time to foresee yourself reading the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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