We no longer interrupt this regularly scheduled program…

Mar 07, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

With the introduction of “zero-speed takeover” ads from Waze and “pause ads” from Hulu and AT&T it’s clear we’re ushering in a less interruptive advertising paradigm. But despite having captive audiences upon which to bestow our ads let’s not forget that targeting and creative are just as important as ever.

Both brands and consumers win when commercial interruptions are not interruptions at all. Brands are able to reach attentive audiences and consumers are able to keep consuming until they decide to stop – oh yeah, and they get the content for free.

The common thread between zero-speed takeovers and pause ads are that they don’t distract from the primary task at hand – whether that’s navigating to the closest gas station or watching the latest episode of Handmaid’s Tale. These innovations require a high degree of consumer empathy and monetization sacrifice (ie, frequency capping) on the part of the publishers. They also require major commitments from marketers as well.

Even Especially with stand-alone real estate for advertising, we must take measures to ensure the audiences are relevant for our brands and the creative is resonant. There’s nothing worse as a consumer – or as a brand – than having a crappy ad displayed to someone who doesn’t care. And these shortcomings are only magnified when the commercial appears at a moment of heightened attention.

So let’s embrace this brave new world of “freeze” ads with a nice warm hug of relevancy.

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