Sometimes a text listing doesn’t tell the full story. With verification videos, you will be able to view the minute before the start of each detection and the minute after the end of each detection. Utilize this new feature to confirm detections and better understand your content in context.


  • Context for your content 
    Verification videos track where your content appeared in the viewer’s experience. Because the verification video is located right next to your detections in the platform, you can examine the context via a single click, instead of hunting for detections in a broadcast clipping service.
  • Storage
    4C will store verification videos for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • Channel Search
    Browse through full, twenty-four hours per day of recorded history of channels supported by verification video to gain more insight into the context for where your detections occur.

Verification videos are currently 1 frame per second without audio. Check with your account manager for full channel support details as verification videos are offered on most, but not all of the channels we monitor.