Unleash your inner Picasso

Feb 01, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Everyone in advertising fancies herself or himself an artist.

Whether we’re Harry Crane in media or Faye Miller in research, we all see ourselves as Don Draper or Peggy Olson in creative.

And, to some degree, we’re all right. Every aspect of advertising is a blend of art and science.

And all artists need tools of the craft to make their masterpieces.

When it comes to advertising, the top of the line supplies can be found in 4C Creative Hub.

How’s this? For example, you can take your fab footage and use 30 seconds horizontally for Facebook or 10 seconds vertically for Snap.

Splash some text and color on there. Go ahead, try 30 different combinations to see what works best.

If only Picasso had it this easy!

Creative Hub video still showing man running off with painting of pancakes

So what are you waiting for? Monetize your masterpiece today. Contact your 4C rep to learn more and/or join our Creative Hub webinar.

And be sure to canvass the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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