This is not a #TideAd

Feb 08, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Tide may have won the Ad Bowl by breaking the fourth wall with its Super Bowl commercials but I refuse to let it infiltrate 4C’s Insights.

In the news, our CEO, Lance, and GC, Maarten, made an appearance on the cover of General Counsel NL Magazine looking so fresh and so clean clean…curse you, David Harbour!

Lance and Maarten on the cover of General Counsel NL

Super Bowl LII was one for the ages with Philadelphia winning its first title. As we’ve discussed in the past, social can’t predict sporting outcomes but it sure can reflect them and certainly did in this case as the Eagles scored more than twice as many engagements as the Patriots.

Back to those Tide ads for a minute. I remember when the first Energizer Bunny commercial came out and shattered the fourth wall of advertising. It was so innovative and memorable. The gag literally kept “going and going and going and going….”

Tide used this formula quite well to hijack other commercials and come away as the most memorable brand for the Super Bowl. The spots performed well on the second screen as well. Tide’s first ad drove a 7,459% lift in engagement on social media and the average for all of its ads was 2,613% with 89% positive sentiment overall.

Speaking of the second screen, the Super Bowl halftime show was a watershed moment for mobile ­– and not because of #selfiekid. While Justin Timberlake held court on the big screen, a record-breaking 2 million people tuned in to play HQ Trivia on their secondary devices. The HQ phenomenon is a testament to the power of live shared experiences – a theme we’ve been exploring for some time at 4C – as well as a reminder that deploying multi-screen marketing strategies has become the imperative in today’s multi-tasking world.

FWIW, we’ve also been exploring our own version of HQ Trivia using our abundant affinity data. With so many of the connections often unexpected, we could surely come up with some savage questions. It doesn’t hurt that HQ Trivia host, Scott Rogowsky, is Lance’s doppelganger!

Aaron Goldman tweet of him and Lance

Getting back to social – and batteries – Duracell capitalized on Philadelphia’s “charged” history by executing what’s being called the “perfect Super Bowl tweet” while other brands tried to create their own Oreo moment during a temporary TV blackout.

From a 4C perspective, we’re all about timely tweets but are on a mission to destroy the social media war room by allowing advertisers to set up moment marketing campaigns in advance and let our AI-driven platform do all the work in an automated manner. Did I mention that Duracell tweet was a promoted ad, because, ya know, organic social media is deader than ever.

As for the 4C crew, our teams around the world gathered in each region’s headquarters for a kickoff of our own.

We sure clean up well. #StillNotATideAd

Group photo at the EMEA Kickoff event

Group photo at the US Kickoff event Group photo at the APAC kickoff event

Now, please tidy up with more of 4C’s Insights.

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