“There is no channel conflict, only channel choice.”

Jun 27, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

Our CEO, Lance, is fond of saying that there is no inherent conflict when it comes to content consumption in a multi-channel, multi-screen world. Indeed, to the viewer, there is only choice.

So when it comes to connecting with the modern consumer, marketers have no choice. “Marketers need to market the way that consumers consume.” This is another one of Lance’s favorite quips in which he refers to seamless delivery of brand communications across all channels at all moments.

Both of these sound bytes made their way into an interview Lance did last week with Variety’s Todd Spangler and Madhive’s Adam Helfgott at the Variety Studio in Cannes presented by Inscape & iSpot.tv.

Lance posing with Adam Helfgott

As Lance noted while #CrossingTheCroisette, there was a lot of talk at the Cannes Lions festival about “putting brands in a safe position to communicate with customers in a way that instills trust.” Ultimately, this is where transparency plays an important role. As much as consumers love their channel choice, when it comes at the cost of their privacy then conflict emerges.

Here at 4C, we’ve built our business – and platform – on transparency. From pricing models to audience segmentation to ad placement, everything we do is fully disclosed and it’s all in Scope.

As Kinetiq’s CEO, Kevin, said in his interview for MarTech Series, “I am also a big fan of platforms that coordinate and synchronize a brand’s messaging across channels, leveraging their inherent strengths.”

In a world of #CrossChannelVideo, there’s never been a better time for consumers nor for marketers. Let’s close with the line that Lance usually uses at the end of each episode of The Squeeze, “All of us are set up for success if we just continue to learn. This is our time, let’s go.”


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