The View from 4C Advanced TV Week

Mar 29, 2018 • Kari Brownsberger

After 100 volumes of 4C’s Insights, we decided Aaron deserved a week off so, I’ll be guest authoring this week’s newsletter to share details about 4C’s inaugural Advanced TV Week.

What is Advanced TV Week all about? Well, recent data from Forrester Research shows that more than half of marketers are likely to use Advanced TV in 2018. That means 1 in 2 of you readers out there – likely a higher percentage given 4C clients are higher on the innovation adoption curve – are using new technologies and data to reach audiences in innovative ways across television. We created Advanced TV Week to help you navigate this new era of TV advertising, with educational events and content being unveiled all week long.
Lance speaking on panel at Advanced Advertising Summit

One highlight of the week so far was 4C CEO Lance Neuhauser’s panel at Monday’s Advanced Advertising Summit, where he spoke about data-enabled TV buying alongside speakers from 4C partner NBCU as well as 605, Cross MediaWorks, and Nielsen. “Consumers are now in control and they won’t see an ad if they don’t want to see an ad,” Lance said during the lively discussionLance and Colleague .

“We have to get to an addressable, measurable, targeted way to reach consumers and deliver results.” Hear more from Lance by watching his interview with Beet.tv recorded live from the event.

Advanced TV Week officially ends Friday, but you can stay up to speed on Advanced TV news and developments by visiting AdvancedTVNews.com, a new resource we debuted this week. And look below for more Advanced TV Week info!

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