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The Scoop: UTM Parameters

Jan 28, 2020

What are UTM parameters?

UTMs are strings of code that can be added to any URL to help marketers track campaign attribution (they appear after the question mark) when customers follow links to a brand’s website. Say your brand is advertising sales of a widget across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How will you know which channels or which ads drove the most purchasers to your landing page and eventually to make a purchase? UTMs.

Why should I use them at the ad level?

UTMs allow you to drill down to highly granular levels of information — by attaching unique parameters to individual ads — without changing the destination URL. This level of specificity and flexibility means you can keep tabs on how individual creatives, channels, or copy variations are performing. And if you can track it, you can also optimize against it.

Many legacy systems don’t take ad IDs into account, but it’s not only possible to incorporate them into your UTMs, it’s simple. The more specific your tracking, the better your understanding of which elements of your campaigns are driving business outcomes for your brand.

How do I use them?

Use the URL Builder in Scope by 4C™ to easily create standard tag or custom query UTM parameters at scale and apply templates in line or in bulk across publishers. Combining static values like channel categories with dynamically generated values like ad IDs means you can craft attribution that’s tailored to your business needs. 

Scope also allows you to create Global Custom Metrics to define and calculate the cross-channel KPIs important to your bottom line. By integrating the web analytics based on your UTM parameters into Scope via Social BYOD Feeds, and using that ad-level data to create custom metrics, you can track performance against important KPIs in Performance Dashboard and Report Center. Seeing how specific elements contribute to performance changes over time means you can test, iterate, and optimize against the real sources of truth for your business.

Start using URL builder in Scope by 4C™ to add ad-level UTM parameters to your campaigns today. Reach out to your 4C rep or contact us for more information on how to get started.