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The Scoop: Global Custom Metrics

Jan 28, 2020

What are global custom metrics? 

Global Custom Metrics are unique KPIs defined through calculations that combine data across platforms. Let’s say your brand wants to calculate ROAS across channels. With a Global Custom Metric, you can set up your proprietary definition of ROAS to report consistently on how your campaigns are impacting revenue, without calculating for each platform individually.

Why should I use them?

 There are two reasons you should leverage Global Custom Metrics:

  • Your brand may have a particular way of defining a certain metric across platforms, and with a Global Custom Metric, you can take every aspect of that definition into account. For example, maybe your brand defines engagement as likes and shares on Facebook, clicks on Pinterest, and swipe-ups and clicks on Snapchat. A Global Custom Metric measuring “engagement” could take each of these into account, giving you a holistic view of engagement across platforms. 
  • Solutions like Social BYOD Feeds in Scope by 4C™ allow you to incorporate your first- and third-party data from offline and online sources — like in-store sales or website visits — in your Global Custom Metrics. You can then use metrics built from your source-of-truth data in reporting and optimization to gain a better understanding of how social advertising impacts important business outcomes.

How do I use them? 

If you’re using Scope by 4C™, you can create Global Custom Metrics in Report Center by selecting an existing publisher metric, like Facebook likes and shares in the “engagement” example above, and then map it across publishers by selecting other relevant metrics, like Pinterest Clicks and Snapchat swipe-ups and clicks. You can also set up a Global Custom Metric leveraging your source-of-truth data. For example, you can identify the most successful creatives across campaigns and publishers by calculating ROAS using online and offline revenue and spend per creative. Global Custom Metrics can then be integrated into at-a-glance reporting tools like Performance Dashboard and Pacing Dashboard as well as activation tools like Smart Groups and Ad Manager. 

Reach out to your 4C rep or contact us to learn more about using Global Custom Metrics in Scope by 4C.