The madness is over, for now…

Apr 05, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

OK, I’m back from vacation. Did I miss anything? ?

Wow, what a week! From April Fools sinking stocks to Trump tweets sinking stocks to “data scandals” sinking stocks, it’s been a wild ride and that doesn’t even count the US college basketball tournaments for which March Madness is named.

First off, thanks to Kari for filling in on 4C’s Insights last week and sharing a recap of our inaugural Advanced TV Week.

Now, let’s address the aforementioned “scandal” which began a few weeks ago when it was reported that Cambridge Analytica had procured (and never destroyed) data that it obtained in a manner that did not comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions and used it for voter targeting.

The sentiment I shared with BuzzFeed at the time was, “As long as the ROI is there, I don’t think advertisers will flee.” Indeed, we actually saw an increase in Facebook ad spend last week of 15% over the prior week and 20% over the prior month.

And that was before the news came out that Facebook was shutting down Partner Categories. Now, the imperative is for advertisers to deploy advanced targeting on top of native tools through solutions like the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™. By analyzing public engagements with brand content on social media, we avoid accessing user-level data while helping marketers achieve their goals.

I encourage folks who are concerned about the latest developments with Facebook to contact their 4C reps or reach out directly to me. Let us help you turn these challenges into opportunities.

Now it’s time to go mad over the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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