The games are done but the insights have only just begun

Mar 01, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

There were many firsts in PyeongChang including the first figure skaters to win five medals and the first women’s bobsled team to represent Jamaica at the Games.

There were also some firsts in our analysis of the games including the incorporation of #glasslevel data from our partners at Inscape alongside social media engagement in the 4C Winter Games Impact Report.

Looking at viewership data we can see what percent of Smart TVs were tuned into the games and what other shows those viewers were also likely to watch.

This type of analysis is incredibly powerful for audience-based buying and these insights are built into 4C Audience Hub for multi-screen planning and activation.

TV viewership data shows who watched the winter games and what else they would likely watch

Other key findings in our report show the power of the Global Games to drive lift on social media for sponsors at levels higher than national tentpole events like the NBA Finals and Super Bowl.

Sponsored athletes and their engagement lift

For brands, the opportunities afforded by multi-screen media consumption mean that marketing, when done well, can drive incredible lift for sponsors.

Engagement lift for winter game sponsoring brands

Of course, the path to gold for brands is through careful orchestration of assets and alignment of messaging not unlike the coordination needed by the athletes in the games themselves.

Fortunately for brands, multi-screen marketing can now be automated thanks to companies like 4C. The athletes, however, still have to compete the old-fashioned way – that is, if they follow the rules.

Now it’s time to follow the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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