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The Future is Insight

Jul 09, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

When I joined 4C in 2015 our Chicago HQ looked like your typical tech startup. Large open areas. Random surfaces used as desk space. And, of course, a ping pong table.

Former 4C Chicago Office

Emblazoned on the wall was the hashtag #TheFutureIsInsight which was one of the company’s original taglines. Here we are 5 years later and the world has changed quite a bit but the future is still insight. It’s also inside… closed ecosystems.

This week we released a number of assets showing different perspectives on closed ecosystems and the role of a Closed Ecosystems Platform (CEP).

We invite you to dig deep into this tropical topic with lush language about majestic marketing.

The Future of Media: Closed Ecosystems
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Scope Closed Ecosystems Platform (CEP)
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Post by Guest Writer, Bryan Benavides,
Director of Digital Marketing at Abt
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Q&A with Guest Speaker, Joanna O’Connell, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester
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This edition of 4C’s Insights marks our 215th newsletter and, while the future is still insight, our view into closed ecosystems shows the future of media is now more in sight than ever. #4CTheFutureOfMedia

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