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Jan 11, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

In last week’s newsletter, I shared a 4C 2018 Year in Preview and foreshadowed the 2 themes that will dominate the industry and our company over the next 12 months: Audiences and Experiences.

This week we released the latest whitepaper in our Future of Media Series – 4C’s 4Ps: Four Predictions for 2018.

2018 Predictions report cover

Accompanying the paper are 2 new videos in which industry thoughts leaders (and 4C clients) opine on the future – spoiler alert, it’s audiences and experiences! – and how data science (and 4C) helps marketers deliver on both fronts.

Female speaker at CES
The Future of Marketing: Audiences and Experiences
Male speaker at CES
How Data Science Delivers Better Audiences and Experiences

As we dig in to the technology of tomorrow at the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s clear that audiences and experiences are at the forefront.
Stage at CES

Whether it’s voice – as Scott Shamberg, CEO US of Performics, points out in the first video – or artificial intelligence – as David Dweck, Partner, Group Director, Search & Social at Mindshare alludes to in that one as well – the future of marketing is here today – as Viji Davis, CMO of Resolution Media, proclaims in both videos – and marketers need to leverage all the available data and apply advanced science to engage the most valuable audiences with the most personalized experiences.

​​​​​​​Also featured in the videos are Kyle Jackson SVP, Performance Media at Spark Foundry, Emily Kramer, Senior Director, Media Services at Merkle, Liz Brock, Group Director, Social Media at Havas, and Dan Ripes, VP Global Partnerships at Rise Interactive. Plus, their POVs are peppered into the predictions paper as well so be sure to pick that peck of pickles, Peter Piper.

OK Google (or Alexa or Siri), now it’s time to read aloud the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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