The Crowd Has Spoken: 4C is #1 in Cross-Channel Advertising Software

Sep 27, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Last week we talked about earning the trust of your audience by using the authentic voice of your customers. There’s no better way to do that than by letting your customers speak for you.

That’s the premise behind G2 Crowd, the world’s largest business solution review platform. With more than 380,000 reviews — about 200 of which are on 4C — G2 Crowd empowers B2B decision buyers to gain insights from peers and make better decisions.

Each quarter, G2 Crowd publishes Grid® reports for the various software categories. These grids can sometimes become eye charts what with all the various competitors clamoring for a given market. Cross-Channel Advertising is no exception with more than 30 companies featured – all the more reason why actual customer reviews are so important for separating the wheat from the chaff.

G2 Crowd Grid Infographic showing Cross-channel Advertising placement

The G2 Crowd Grid® plots satisfaction on the X axis and market presence on the Y axis. Satisfaction is based solely on reviews and 4C is the highest ranked– aka furthest to the right. Market presence is based on factors like company size so it’s no surprise that folks like Google, Adobe, and Nielsen are the top 3 vertically.

4C is the highest rated in Cross-channel advertising software
Many thanks to all our clients who have given reviews for 4C. If you haven’t yet, please consider adding your “authentic voice” to the crowd. Just click here and authenticate through email or LinkedIn. If you want to check out the full G2 Crowd Grid® report for Cross-Channel advertising, click here and fill out the form.
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