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Teletrax is now part of Kinetiq, the world’s largest TV intelligence network offering paid and earned media measurement, monitoring and signaling across local, national and global markets.

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TV Monitoring

Track content every time it’s shown on over 2,100 worldwide TV channels in more than 76 countries. Teletrax® collects data and delivers full video clips in real time. We electronically track content of any length in any format and instantaneously tell you where it aired, when it aired, how much of it was used, which part of it was most popular, and how it was edited – second by second.

“An invaluable cornerstone of our business…a high standard for media measurement and intelligence gathering.”

Scott Chastain, SVP Affiliate Marketing & Development, NBC Universal

Watermarking & Fingerprinting

Watermarking & Fingerprinting

We monitor video on TV channels worldwide using two technologies.

WATERMARKING is the process of inserting a hidden code into video giving each piece of content a unique identity. Upon detection, the unique code conveys client ownership information. Teletrax® technology has superior detection granularity, and can be used to differentiate two identical copies of content. The watermark must be applied to the original content and a watermarked sub-master is distributed for broadcast.

FINGERPRINTING is the process of extracting unique characteristics of the content to generate a reference fingerprint to compare to fingerprints of broadcast content. When a reference fingerprint matches a broadcast fingerprint, a detection is registered and logged. Fingerprints are capable of detecting legacy content, are extremely robust to compression, have a detection granularity of 5-10 seconds. The fingerprint can be captured before or after distribution and generation of a sub-master is not required.

News & Updates

New Pakistani TV Channels: Teletrax has expanded its television monitoring network to include our first channels from Pakistan including 92 News, Dunya News, Geo News, and Samaa TV.

Ad RankingsTo understand which brands are most active on TV, we rank the top UK & US advertisers according to total monthly ad minutes aired across several different categories including network, daypart, and programming.

New France 24 Channels: In addition to France 24 in French, we now monitor France 24’s English and Arabic channels as well.

First International Channel in Africa: Teletrax, now monitors Africanews, our first international channel in Africa.