Teletrax Identifies Top 5 Super Bowl XIIX Advertisements That Generated the Most Television Coverage Internationally

Feb 04, 2015

Kim Kardashian West ”Please, help save the data” ad from T-Mobile Secures Most TV Coverage Internationally

New York, NY, February 4th, 2015 – The results are in, and T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial, “Kim’s Data Stash” ad which stars Kim Kardashian West appealing to consumers to “Please, help save the data” in a mock-PSA promoting T-Mobile’s data-rollover plan generated the most TV coverage internationally, as analysed by Teletrax*. This form of earned media adds millions of viewers across the globe and further maximizes ROI on ad spend.

Kim Kardashian West first announced the spot to her 28 million-plus global Twitter followers, followed by an on air debut during TBS’s “Conan”. Just behind the “Kims’ Data Stash” ad from T-Mobile, Dove’s “Real Strength” ad was the second most broadcast ad, with KIA’s “The perfect Getaway” with Pierce Brosnan, Mercedez-Benz’ “Fable”” and Toyota’s “Let’s go Places” in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

News and Life Style TV programs generated the most earned media for the brands that ran commercials during Super Bowl. There were regional differences in coverage: the APAC region for example showed most interest in T-Mobile’s Kim Kardashian West commercial, whilst Europe saw a slight preference for the Dove’s “Real Strength” commercial starring ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.
“As we witnessed last year, the competition for brands to generate awareness begins before the Super Bowl. We’re seeing ads getting released days – if not weeks – before the game actually occurs,” said Andy Nobbs, CCO of Teletrax. “The willingness of brands to showcase their most expensive ads of the year so far in advance of their planned airdate further demonstrates that great advertising resonates not only domestically, but with global audiences as well.”

In addition to traditional broadcast buys, marketers also used digital to engage with the Super Bowl audience. During the Super Bowl, brands used the Teletrax platform to enable TV synced contextual cross-screen advertising on desktop, mobile and social around certain key in-game events in real-time. This enabled advertisers to ‘own’ crucial moments during the Super Bowl, and engage with audiences in a relevant and innovative fashion. Within seconds after a touchdown, field goal or take over, brands showed a contextually relevant message on digital.

* Teletrax Methodology

Teletrax used its proprietary monitoring and analytics platform to track earned and paid media for Super Bowl brands across 2,100+ TV channels from more than 60 countries, including all 210 markets in the United States, representing all measured U.S. television households. Its international network covers television stations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South and Central America, and Canada.

This data includes the pre-released final ads in the time between their release online and their initial airing during the game. Other teaser videos and paid campaigns are not included in these results. Measurement was conducted between Jan 23 and Feb 1st.

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