Are you a Video Vanguard?

Highlights from new research from Forrester Consulting commissioned by 4C titled Mature Your Video Marketing to Drive Business Value.

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Bring Your Own Data

BYOD Solution Leverages Custom Reporting Metrics To More Effectively Optimize Ad Campaigns and Measure Business Outcomes

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Placed Partnership

Scope integration of leading location intelligence & offline attribution creates unified solutions for multi-channel marketing

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Reaching Elusives

Enhanced OTT Targeting Capabilities in the 4C Scope Platform Include “Elusive Audiences” Not Reachable Through Linear TV

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Aug 15, 2019

It’s a BYOD party!

Aaron Goldman
Press Coverage
Aug 12, 2019

4C unveils BYOD for linear, OTT, social media

Joseph O'Halloran
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Hero_UK Ad Rankings
Aug 08, 2019

Marketing Lessons from Lollapalooza

Aaron Goldman
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Hedge maze
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