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Synergistic Sport and Social Strategy

Oct 25, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

Earlier this year I issued the reminder, “Yes, Virginia, there is linear television.

My POV was reinforced after seeing the record-breaking TV audiences tune in for the Rugby World Cup.

Sport in particular is well-suited for live viewing although the platforms in which this content is consumed are evolving.

As predicted in this article I wrote for Broadcasting and Cable, “By 2025, everything you currently know about where and how you watch the world’s biggest sporting events will have changed.”

Given the synchronicity of sport and social, it’s no surprise the major social platforms are behind some of the boldest moves to acquire broadcast rights for premier sporting events.

Just think about your own behavior when watching a match. How often do you check or post to social media?

We saw these multi-screen moments play out during the Rugby World Cup with 4C data highlighted by Advanced Television – social engagement increased 1,041% and sentiment went up 10%.

So what does all this mean for brands? Well, consumption synergy breeds marketing opportunity.

As I shared with Netimperative, “we expect more brands jump on the opportunity and launch reactive content to the highs, lows, and all around euphoria of this competition.”

As for what strategies brands should employ, consider the approach of Wall’s during the FIFA World Cup or Woodford Reserve during the Kentucky Derby or Old Spice during NFL games or SAP during the NBA Finals.

Of course, sport isn’t the only thing that’s better with social. Shopping is too! For more on that topic check out this recap of our Mediatel panel or my Pinterest article in MarTechAdvisor.

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