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Support and Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

Jun 04, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Greetings from Chicago. Hope this finds you safe.

Words often fail to do justice on issues that are deeply personal but they can help show support and solidarity while ultimately compelling action.

With that in mind, here’s an excerpt from the internal message our CEO Lance sent to the company on Monday based on our core values of running through proverbial walls.

At 4C, we run through walls to lift each other up. We run through walls to lift our communities up. And we run through walls to stop the prejudices and social injustices that systemically result in unequal treatment.

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive organization at 4C but that is not enough. How can our heart be our strongest muscle if we don’t help those in need? How can we face whatever is in our way if we don’t remove barriers that allow inequality to remain a fixture in our society? How can we be both experts and students if we don’t try to understand and learn how to help?

With this week’s newsletter, we’re taking further steps to try to help. Below you’ll find links to causes 4C contributed to this week as well as some educational resources.

George Floyd Memorial Fund
Black Lives Matter
Let Us Breathe
Justice for Breonna Taylor

An Antiracist Reading List
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Black Girls Code

Wishing everyone all the very best of health and healing. As always, please reach out if we can be helpful to you in any way.