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Successfully smashing shopping season sales sums

Sep 26, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

Apologies, A-Aron always alliterates. 🙂

I know it was just a few weeks ago we were focused on back-to-school but now it’s time to shift gears to the festive season.

Here are 5 tips (and corresponding blog posts) to ensure a successful Q4 taking advantage of emerging market trends and the Scope by 4C platform.

  1. Use dayparting and syncing for your Amazon ads so your spend is concentrated at the times your product is most likely to sell.
    Read more: Seasonal shopping from A to Z
  2. Use TV viewership and store visit data to find your most valuable audiences and automatically target them across channels.
    Read more: Responsive holiday shopper audiences
  3. Use OTT to retarget your loyal shoppers and reach people who aren’t watching linear TV.
    Read more: On-demand for the holidays
  4. Use your first-party data to create custom metrics that will dictate real-time bidding and campaign optimization.
    Read more: Bring your own data to the holiday party
  5. Use dynamic ads on social media to generate hundreds of creative variations based on your product catalog.
    Read more: Get social this holiday season

To go deeper on how to build your brand and capture demand via social shopping, I’ll be speaking on a webinar hosted by Campaign on this very topic for the UK audience (and early risers in the US) on the 2nd of October.

And here’s a bonus tip for those already looking past the 2019 festive season and thinking about the 2020 Super Bowl: Use TikTok to connect your brand to younger audience demographics with immersive content. Read more in my article on The Drum.

Wishing you all the best on your path to 6-S!

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