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Scope logoCombining essential marketing functions in a single vertical stack and operating seamlessly across closed ecosystems, Scope is the intelligent solution that allows marketers to take control of their media and reach consumers where they are most engaged.

What are Closed Ecosystems?

As consumers demand better privacy, content, and experiences, they turn to environments that can deliver. Over 80% of users’ time with media is spent inside closed ecosystems – media and tech companies that publish content and exhibit three important characteristics:

  • Authenticated access, with controlled entry for consumers and for marketers
  • Engaging, native ad formats that are contextually relevant and actionable
  • Data-driven advertising with precision placement and advanced optimization

The closed ecosystem world is rapidly evolving beyond Facebook, Google, and Amazon to include TV, CTV, social, and commerce platforms that feature premium content and advanced advertising solutions for marketers.


Why a CEP?

To capture the full value of closed ecosystems, and maintain control of assets and campaigns, brands need to anchor their marketing tech stack with a CEP that brings five essential superpowers:

Providing marketers hands-on control and transparency into the entire media process from a single platform.

Consolidating campaign activation with audience, planning, creative, measurement, reporting, and optimization tools.

Enabling convergence of channels and agnostic integration of data and tools to easily plug into your tech stack.

Ensuring performance and optimization levers work for marketers instead of optimizing revenue for sellers.

Providing real-time insight into and optimization of media performance.


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The capabilities afforded us through a CEP enable Abt to move seamlessly across media ecosystems while keeping customer experience and service at the forefront, making our brand durable in the current era of rapid change.

Bryan Benavides, Director of Digital Marketing at Abt Electronics

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Conversions from Affinities

UNICEF Australia used Scope Affinity Audiences on Facebook to target people most likely to convert or to donate to competitor charities.

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Increase in ROAS

A leading home appliance brand partnered with 4C to increase success of their Amazon advertising with the help of 4C's EA team.

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Increase in YOY Revenue

Mindshare used 4C's BYOD to integrate a tech company's Google Analytics and Facebook data for better reporting and optimization.

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