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Scope by 4C is the only self-service platform that creates value through direct inventory integrations into closed ecosystems, isn't biased by media ownership, doesn't make a living through cookies, and is built from the ground up around transparency. The future of marketing means being able to execute campaigns against a single audience definition across channels, optimize for business outcomes regardless of data source, and manage campaigns in flight using data science and tested tools.

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Continuously ingesting fresh data and immediately applying insights at scale

4C pioneered the Science of Connections, applying 30 years of research to help marketers drive customer acquisition, growth, and retention. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze trillions of data points each day that show us how people are connecting with brands, media, and each other. Our ability to ingest first- and third-party data and make it actionable leads to cross-channel audiences, generating TV plans in minutes instead of days, and brands being able to measure business outcomes against their source of truth.

Accelerate your business
We've achieved not only good results but we've been driving innovation on new audiences and formats, thanks to 4C. - Carolina Boeri, Vice President, Media & Performance Marketing, Beamly-Coty

Orchestrating inspiring campaigns across high-impact channels

Video is well-known to make an emotional impact and now it's moving beyond its roots as a brand awareness medium to a performance one. As video placements scale, brands need a way to plan campaigns with a single audience definition across TV, OTT, digital, and social media channels to reach consumers in the closed ecosystems where they're spending the most time...and money.

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We partnered with 4C to more deeply understand and plan against television’s influence on social brand engagement to further enable our advertising partners to effectively connect with their target audiences and optimize spend across all platforms and screens. - Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting

Ensuring transparency into the media supply chain and across channels

The only way to know if your media is working for you is if you have insight into how and where your money is being spent and you can optimize campaigns in real-time against not just media metrics, but business metrics. Clarity of insight via dashboards for performance data, custom controls for budgets and optimizations, and the ability to see across channels in a single platform is key to managing a holistic marketing strategy.

See clearly
We are able to traffic, report, and optimize all in a single interface and quickly and easily check campaign pacing - Kelly Davis, Marketing Manager, Chipotle

Measuring effectiveness of media based on business outcomes

Proving the value of marketing means tying media directly to business outcome instead of using media metrics as a proxy. Making clear, timely connections between cross-channel marketing campaigns and measures like conversions, store visits, and mobile app downloads gives you the insights to improve strategy in-flight and contribute to the bottom line.

Drive outcomes
4C has delivered tremendous results for our ecommerce program, allowing us to increase social investment 120% and see ROI increases on campaigns of up to four times the average. We are keen to expand into additional channels with 4C as its vision for multi-screen marketing is spot on with how we want to engage with our audiences.” - Bryan Benavides, Director of Digital Marketing, Abt Electronics

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Higher Engagement Rate

Wall’s, a leading ice cream brand in Pakistan, synced Facebook ads key moments in the FIFA World Cup, like players scoring goals, for a huge lift in engagement for its new ice cream sandwich.

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View through rate lift

The UK energy provider used Rules-Based Optimization to optimize spend toward the best performing audiences to beat benchmark metrics.

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Higher view through rate

A coffeehouse giant used emoji targeting to deliver ads on Twitter celebrating one of its seasonal products to users who had recently interacted with certain icons.

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