World Cup Impact Report

Jul 18, 2018

The most widely viewed sporting event in the world event finished on Sunday, with France winning the World Cup for a second time. At 4C we monitored the social media buzz around the matches.

Social Media Engagement and Positive Sentiment during the World Cup

Throughout the competition, the FIFA World Cup generated a total of 18,397,147 engagements on Facebook and Twitter. Engagements remained high throughout the competition but saw an increase when the returning champions, Germany, were beaten by Mexico in their first match. Other highlights included Belgium beating Tunisia 5 – 2 and the quarter final matches. The FIFA World Cup had its highest number of engagements on the final day of the competition with 1,623,717 engagements.

Social Media Engagement and Sentiment for the World Cup semi-finalists

Although Social Media should not be relied upon to predict the winner of the World Cup, it is a good reflection of what fans are thinking. In this case, social delivered on both as the French team not only won the competition, they won over consumers. Throughout the competition, they generated 2,856,266 engagements and an average sentiment score of 89%.

Social media affinities for the World Cup

As the competition went on, 4C measured the which brands people were most likely to engage with based on them engaging with the FIFA World Cup. We found that the top four companies that people were most likely to engage with were betting companies.

Worldwide TV re-broadcasts for the World Cup

Using 4C’s global TV monitoring tool, Teletrax, 4C was able to track World Cup TV moments. Since the final, TV moments showing the match have been re-broadcast 7,652 times in 70 countries.

In the UK, the most aired TV advert was from Budweiser with 173 ad spots. 4C compared Budweiser’s social media engagements in the two-minute period after the start of each TV ad to its average social media engagement rate. We found that Budweiser had a TV Social Lift impact of 152.9%.

Sporting events are a prime opportunity for advertisers to connect with the right audience. 4C’s Sports Sync enables advertisers to trigger ads across screens during these live sports moments. Find out how to use Sports Sync during the upcoming football season here.

The 2018 World Cup may be over now, but at 4C we’ll continue to monitor major sporting events. Stay up-to-date with our latest impact reports subscribe to our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.