Manchester City, the last English club remaining in the UEFA Champions League competition, will face the French league Champions Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in the quarter-final.

PSG and Manchester City have met only once before. The match took place in Manchester during the group stages of the 2008/2009 UEFA Europe League. The game ended with a goalless draw.

In recent years, the owners of both clubs have invested heavily which has heightened the excitement around this year’s game and is spilling into social media.

Head to Head in Social

Using 4C’s Advertising Analytics, we looked into the social data for both teams to understand the football fans behind both teams.

During their last Champions League game, PSG generated 1,2x Manchester City’s social engagement:

  • Manchester city: 94 354
  • Paris Saint Germain: 109 677


In February, Manchester City topped PSG in terms of social engagements, unique engagers, fan loyalty and engagement rate. The French team achieved a higher result in sentiment.

The Brand Battle

Advertisers are also an important part of football fixtures. Heineken, Nissan, Adidas and Lay’s are all on the short list of main Champions League partners. Using 4C data across Facebook and Twitter we analysed the impact of Champions League sponsors thus far.


  • Heineken, Nissan, Lay’s and Adidas all generated more social engagements during the period in February with 8 Champions League games.
  • Heineken achieved the highest number of engagements on Facebook and Twitter. The most social actions for Heineken came on February 23 when Arsenal faced Barcelona and Juventus played Bayern Munich. The second-most came when PSG defeated Chelsea on February 16.
  • Nissan generated the highest lift among the four advertisers. In the two-week period with 8 Champions League games, the auto-maker achieved a 2.8x lift over the prior two weeks.


Clearly, TV and social media go hand in hand. With 87% of consumers using another device whilst watching TV, it’s more important than ever for brands to have insights across screens. We will continue reporting on key trends happening on and off the pitch throughout the remaining Champions League matches so you prepare your multi-screen brand strategies.