TV Synced Ads Drive Strong Results for SEAT Leon Connect Campaign

Jun 27, 2016


SEAT sought to build awareness, reach and visibility of their new Leon Connect model. Media spending is massive in the automotive industry, which means a lot of advertising clutter vying for the attention of consumers. SEAT needed to find a way to stand out and engage new car buyers across screens.


SEAT’s media agency, Xaxis, selected 4C TV Synced Ads to deliver digital ads coinciding with their own TV ads as well as with their competitors’. By using 4C’s self-serve platform, Xaxis ensured that the SEAT Leon Connect TV commercials were able to cut through the noise and surround consumers within seconds on computers and mobile devices.


Xaxis achieved strong campaign KPIs for SEAT:

  • CTRs were 150% higher than historical averages.
  • Viewability rate was 72% higher than standard (non-synced) ads.
  • Website engagement peaked during the campaign.
  • SEAT Leon sales are up 5.3% year-to-date through May 2016 compared to the same period in 2015.

Metric showing 150% increase in CTR and 72% increase of View-ability Rate from non-synced ads