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Turner 2018 Upfront Impact Report

May 15, 2018

Turner: Audience insights for the 2018 Upfronts

During the 2016-2017 season, Turner’s highest rated shows were all primetime scripted dramas – Major Crimes, Claws, and Animal Kingdom. However, since May 2017, the most engaged programming across Turner’s networks has been NBA basketball and late night comedies Rick & Morty and Conan.

Turner’s networks appeal to a wide variety of audience personas. TBS and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim draw in Young Families, while Rich Provincials engage with TNT. TruTV connects most with those who are Making Ends Meet, and CNN is a favorite for Religious Couples.

While TBS’s audience overall is primarily Young Families, the network’s two late night shows, Conan and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, have audiences that engage with different brands. Conan’s audience also engages with SoFi, Hostess, and Boost Mobile, while Full Frontal’s audience engages with Angie’s List, Lifelock, and Mitsubishi Motors. People who engage with Turner’s other late night presence, TruTV’s The Chris Gethard Show, also engage with Ben & Jerry’s, M&Ms, and Little Caesars.

Along with CBS, Turner’s networks carry the annual NCAA College Basketball tournament known as March Madness. The audience that engages with the tournament itself also engages with Straight Talk Wireless, Gatorade, and NCAA official sponsor Capital One.