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The Kite Factory helps UNICEF win donations with Scope Affinity Audiences

May 01, 2020


UNICEF Australia, an international charity for children, partnered with their agency, The Kite Factory, to garner the attention of potential donors during the end of Tax Year in Australia. With tax break incentives creating a competitive environment for charities in a time of decline in year-over-year donations, the team needed to gain attention and become top of mind for donations.


To reach a charitable audience likely to donate to UNICEF, the team leveraged Scope Affinity Audiences on Facebook. This allowed them to target people most likely to convert for UNICEF, as well as users likely to donate to competitor charities. By tapping into competitor’s audiences, the team tapped into a larger audience and gained consumer attention from other well-known charities.


By reaching a highly qualified target pool, Affinity audiences accounted for 27% of all conversions through Facebook. The team was so pleased with the success of Scope’s features that UNICEF agreed to incorporate the new audiences into the business as usual activity.