The Grommet Sees Enormous Growth with 4C Social Ads and Promoted Pins

Dec 22, 2015


The Grommet discovers, evaluates, and selects innovative consumer products (or “Grommets”) and has helped more than 2,000 Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs across 16 categories reach 2.5 million consumers through its product launch platform. To date, more than 2 million items have been sold with one in 50 U.S. households having bought, supported, or shared via The Grommet.


Every weekday, The Grommet reveals the most innovative new products, hand picked by their Discovery Team. This presents a unique opportunity for the marketing team because every new product has the potential to become a Promoted Pin. Building and managing over 1,000 Promoted Pins can get overwhelming and take time away from other, crucial initiatives.


The Grommet evaluated six Pinterest partners and decided that 4C was the best in the field, especially due to the intuitive workflow within the platform which would make scaling out their Pinterest programs more efficient. “Being able to build out themes of keywords in target sets in 4C really saves time,” says Maggie Schulz, Digital Marketing Manager at The Grommet.

In the first month of using 4C, The Grommet marketing team was able to quickly restructure their entire account. Because of the time savings this created, the team could spend more time focused on managing their CPA goals than ever before.

Grommet splash page for their holiday catalog


The Grommet reduced CPA by 21% after the first month. By the second month, orders grew 64%.

After three months, The Grommet had a 630% increase in orders with a CPA well under their goal.

The Grommet has been working with Promoted Pins for one year. In those 12 months, The Grommet has driven over a 130x increase in orders. 4C has provided the sophistication they need to meet their growing demand.

“Promoted Pins drive different behavior for us,” says Schulz. “We see a 40% decline across the month in our CPA based on coming back and converting via repins. Consumers are using Pinterest as a planner and reminder tool to come back later and buy from us when they are ready.”

“Being able to build out themes and keywords in target sets in 4C really saves time.”

Maggie Schultz, Digital Marketing Manager, The Grommet