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The Future of Media: Closed Ecosystems White Paper

Jul 06, 2020

The media landscape is undergoing a generational shift, as open-web advertising rapidly moves into logged-in environments built on premium content. These “Closed Ecosystems” — which include digital and commerce platforms, social media, streaming video and audio as well as connected TV services and mobile apps — are where consumers consume the vast majority of media, and where brands spend the vast majority of their budgets. The concentration of dollars and attention within Closed Ecosystems has been happening for some time, and now the pace is rapidly accelerating. Soon, Closed Ecosystems will be the only way for brands to truly connect with customers.

Operating in this reality presents brands with new challenges: namely, the challenge of delivering a consistent message across these fragmented environments. Brands need to match the relevancy and personalization that consumers have come to expect in an era where algorithms curate highly individualized media experiences in every content modality, beginning with social but now extending to audio and video. Doing that requires the facility to operate between these Closed Ecosystems with fluency and ease.

This paper provides a guide to brands taking up this challenge. Fill out the form below to access the white paper now.