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The EU Referendum Hashtag Debate

Jun 23, 2016

The referendum is taking place today to decide if Britain will stay or leave the European Union. Before this final vote, using 4C’s Advertising Analytics, we looked deeper into Twitter engagements focusing on three categories:

  • Stay in the EU: #yes2eu #yestoeu  #betteroffin  #votein  #ukineu  #bremain  #strongerin #leadnotleave  #voteremain
  • Leave the EU: #no2eu #notoeu #betteroffout #voteout #eureform #britainout #leaveeu #voteleave #beleave  #loveeuropeleaveeu #leaveeu
  • General EU Referendum conversation: #eureferendum, #eurefready, #brexit

Engagement of Britain's EU vote on Twitter

The highest peak, on the Twittersphere, came the 7th of June when technical problems inhibited voter registration. The three categories achieved a total of 209 107 twitter engagements during this day. Following the technical mishap, the government extended the deadline to register by 48 hours.

Two other notable peaks in social engagement happened during the main debates. On the 26th of May, the first televised discussion of the EU referendum was aired on the BBC. Then, on the 3rd of June, the leading players in the EU referendum campaigns, clashed in the Express Debate at Express HQ. During this second debate, 56 222 leave-related hashtags were posted on Twitter.

Over the last month, the bulk of the EU Referendum conversation fits within the General category with total engagements numbering 1 996 255.

Despite Leave-related hashtags dominating on Twitter, a tight vote on the 23rd of June is still possible. It may be those in favour of exiting the EU are almost twice as vocal on social media as those who will be voting Stay. What can be said is that the conversation and anticipation around the EU referendum is swelling and Thursday will be an important day in the history of Britain.