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Synchronized Ads on TV and Twitter Deliver Results Across the Funnel

Apr 18, 2018


Twitter performed research with three different French advertisers to measure the impact of syncing social ads with TV. In order to determine the effectiveness of TV synced with social, Twitter measured a panel of Twitter users representative of the population across gender, age, and social classes.


A study done by eMarketer found that 85% of people use other devices while watching TV, requiring advertisers to cut through an extreme amount of noise to reach their audience. With so many voices competing for attention, advertisers must find ways to reach their target in an effective and convincing way. Twitter sought to measure the impact of sync on consumers to show the power and need for multi-screen orchestration.


By using 4C’s TV sync feature and analyzing TV and Twitter ads, Twitter was able to determine the value of synchronization. A consumer’s exposure to TV and Twitter ads was measured by combining a TV grid questionnaire with Twitter site data. By measuring impact on ad recall, brand awareness, product recommendation, and purchase consideration, Twitter was able to prove results across the entire funnel.


The study found ads that used 4C TV Sync outperformed those who only used TV or Twitter.

  • 96% higher ad recall
  • 34% higher unaided brand awareness
  • 39% higher likelihood to recommend the product
  • 33% higher purchase consideration
  • More than 20% higher impact on brand image (e.g. the brand is trustworthy, caring, and has an enjoyable tone)