Get ready for the big game. In just a few days, over 100 million people around the world will tune into the Super Bowl to not only watch the NFL season come to an end, but also to see advertisers drop their best work, and about $5 million, for the commercials. As excitement for both the game and the ads builds, 4C dug into our data to find out which advertisers are generating the most pre-game buzz, and understand the audiences who are most engaged.

 Heading into the Super Bowl, several brands have already announced plans to advertise during the game. Those creating the most engagement on social platforms are Hulu, Universal Pictures, and Toyota. Using 4C Brand Compass, we took a deeper look at each brands’ audiences to understand their personas, interests, and values. While Hulu’s and Universal’s audiences tends value mental health care, those engaging with Toyota tend to enjoy DIY projects and care about world hunger relief.

While Hulu, Universal, and Toyota have kept their ad content a surprise, some brands have opted to pre-release theirs. Of the advertisers that have already released a full or teaser ad, Lexus’s ad, which features Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther, and Mountain Dew’s face-off with Doritos featuring Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, have seen the greatest lifts in engagement. Pepsi, which is airing an ad during the game in addition to sponsoring the halftime show, also saw a significant lift in engagement in the day after teasing that Cindy Crawford will re-create her iconic ad for the brand.

In addition to the ads happening off the field, we also looked at what will be happening on the field – specifically engagement around the teams who will battling it out. The 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ shows that the audience engaging with the New England Patriots also engage with Bose and Jay Leno’s Garage , and 37% is age  55 and up. The audience for the Philadelphia Eagles is predominantly Millennial, male, and engages with Ricoh and The Goldbergs. The audiences for both teams tend to engage with comedian Keegan-Michael Key, suggesting that fans of each team might enjoy Key & Peele’s well-known East/West College Bowl skits.

The Super Bowl halftime show is another big draw for viewers, whether it’s for music or controversy, and this year should be no exception. Justin Timberlake is returning to the big game for the first time since his infamous performance with Janet Jackson featuring a “wardrobe malfunction” that resulted in MTV’s ban from producing halftime shows and the institution of 5-second delays on live television. We found that the audience engaging with Timberlake is mainly millennial females who also engage with Pepsi (the halftime show official sponsor) and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. While reactions to choosing Justin Timberlake as this year’s performer have been mixed, the performance is sure to generate buzz across screens.

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