Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles made history when they defeated the reigning Super Bowl champion, the New England Patriots, to bring home the city’s first Super Bowl title. As people around the world tuned in to find out whether Tom Brady’s Patriots could claim their third win in four years, 4C was monitoring buzz around the teams, game, and halftime show to see what sparked conversation.

The buzziest moment of the game was the Eagles’ history-making win, as the 10 minutes following amassed nearly 1.5 million social media engagements. The Eagles also won the night on social media with more than 2.4 million total engagements during the game – more than double the volume of the Patriots’ engagements. Halftime performer Justin Timberlake saw more than 1.2 million engagements throughout the night, as conversation and controversy built around his performance itself as well as his outfit choice and Prince tribute.

Earlier in the day, a couple topics drew attention away from the Big Game. #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay trended on Twitter throughout Sunday as Jackson’s fans continued to voice their disapproval regarding Justin Timberlake’s invitation to return to the Super Bowl following the duo’s halftime scandal in 2004. Unexpectedly, Kylie Jenner confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy with Twitter and Instagram posts announcing the birth of her first child with rapper Travis Scott a few hours before kickoff, leading to a social media frenzy that contributed to Jenner’s 1.6 million engagements for the day.

The Super Bowl is an advertising event like no other. Combining our proprietary Teletrax TV monitoring technology with social media engagement data, we found which Super Bowl advertisers saw the greatest lift in engagement in the five minutes following their ad spot airing. T-Mobile’s diversity-themed #LittleOnes ad featuring babies of varying ethnicities, a Kerry Washington voiceover, and Nirvana’s “All Apologies” as a lullaby, generated the greatest lift in engagement with an impressive 46,000% increase. E-Trade’s humorous take on retirement set to the tune of “Day-O” took the second spot, with Hyundai’s Hope Detector ad rounding out the top three. Footage of upcoming film and TV show releases also sparked conversation, with Lexus’ ad including characters from Black Panther and HBO’s first look at season two of Westworld also making the top ten.

As sports, pop-culture, and political events unfold across screens around the world, we’ll continue to monitor how audiences react. Stay tuned for more Impact Reports, and subscribe to get updates in your inbox.