Over the past two weeks, we’ve been following the Summer Games closely. In our Summer Games Preview Impact Report, we showed how anticipation for the Games was building on social media. In our Week 1 Impact Report, we looked into the moments, sponsors, and countries that were making a splash. Last week, we focused on the impact that an official sponsorship can have for an advertiser. This week, we’re wrapping up our series on the Games with a look into what grabbed the world’s attention throughout the competition.


Social media excitement surrounding the Summer Games ramped up steadily as the Games progressed. The greatest number of engagements occurred on August 20th, the penultimate day of competition, with the most engaged moment being the history-making Men’s soccer final. The second most engaged day, with less than 1 million total engagements separating the two, occurred on August 14th, following the viral meme-generating 100m relay.


While the USA received the most overall medals during the Games, Great Britain took home the gold in terms of social media engagement. With its first-ever gold medal, Puerto Rico earned a significant share of social as the country celebrated its historic achievement.


In our Summer Games Preview Impact Report, we found that basketball was the most anticipated sport by Americans leading into the Games. However, with an incredible overall performance by the Final Five, gymnastics was the most engaged sport in the USA during the Games, with a staggering 50% of total engagements.


With more than twice as much volume as the next official sponsor, Samsung earned the lion’s share of social media engagement during the Games, thanks to its conversation-sparking ads featuring the blending of world anthems, South Sudan’s entrance to the world stage, and Christoph Waltz. For more on the brand impact for official sponsors of the Games, check out our Summer Games Week 1 and Week 2 Impact Reports.

Worldwide events like the Summer Games capture hearts and minds on TV and social media. As such, they are important opportunities for advertisers to connect with global audiences across screens. With our exclusive data covering social media engagement and affinities combined with TV programs, ad occurrences and viewership, 4C is uniquely positioned at the epicenter of pop culture. We hope you’ll continue to tune in as we cover the conversation – and marketing implications – around key athletic, political, and entertainment events.