The Summer Games are in full swing with an abundance of moments that have captured the world’s attention – check out the highlights reported in Adweek using 4C data.

Can’t-miss moments like the Games are important opportunities for brands to make genuine connections with consumers through tailored messages that resonate when their audiences are emotionally primed.


The 12 official sponsors are seeing their Summer Games support make an impact for their brands. Over the first part of the Games, the official partners increased their social activity by 50% and saw a total of 576,209 social media engagements – up 73% compared to the last two weeks in July. Additionally, loyalty, the fraction of people who are repeat engagers period-over-period, and positive sentiment both increased. This demonstrates the halo effect of being an official sponsor.


Atos, Omega (present at every start and finish line), and Visa achieved engagement lifts in the triple digits for their sponsorships. P&G’s Tide has tripled its loyalty during the Games while Bridgestone saw a triple digit lift in loyalty and garnered the highest lift in sentiment.

During the Games, 42 sport disciplines and 306 events will result in over 900 pieces of precious hardware. With so many potential opportunities, it can be challenging for brands to identify which moments are the right for them.

Further complicating matters, there are 11,000+ athletes and teams from 200+ countries so it can be difficult for brands to determine which ones resonate most with their audiences. Social media affinity and engagement data are the keys to unlocking these insights and extracting maximum sponsorship value.

In our Summer Games Preview, we demonstrated which sports over-indexed for the official sponsors before the opening ceremony. In our Week 1 Impact Report, we examined the most social moments, countries, and sponsors. Now let’s look at how things have played out with another week under our belts.


Social media data reveals that early in the Games, engagement with general events represented a higher share of Summer Games social media engagements. However, as the event progressed and interactions increased, people started engaging with more specific entities like countries and athletes while the general event engagements remained constant. The biggest peaks were the Men’s 100 meter sprint and Women’s Vault.

So far, the 2016 Summer Games have been historic. Check back next week for our complete wrap up of the worldwide event.