As the Summer Games kicked off this week, the world’s attention turned to Brazil to watch the best athletes from around the world compete. Last week, we brought you a preview of the Summer Games, showing the building anticipation for more than two weeks of competitions. This week, we’ve been monitoring the moments creating the most buzz.


The historic Men’s 4×100 relay earned the top spot for social engagement during the first week of the Games. The moment garnered over 600,000 engagements across Facebook and Twitter – over 100,000 more than the next most engaged moment. The highly-anticipated women’s Gymnastics all-around came in second, producing nearly half a million social media engagements.


When it comes to social media engagements with countries participating in this year’s Games, the United States and Great Britain have received the bulk of the volume. However, when engagements are normalized to population size, Jamaica is the standout for social media engagements per million people, due to excitement surrounding the nation’s star-studded Track & Field team. Slovenia’s strength in Judo, Puerto Rico’s potential first gold, New Zealand’s surprise outcome in Rugby Sevens, and Qatar’s team recruitment strategy are also creating more than the fair share of buzz for their country’s teams.


The official sponsors of the Games are also starting conversations on social media. Samsung is generating buzz with its “The Anthem” ad highlighting unity well as its spot featuring Christoph Waltz and its humorous take on multitasking. Coca-Cola’s “Together is Beautiful” ad, first aired during the 2014 Super Bowl, is once again a conversation starter as the controversy around  “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages has seen a resurgence following its airing during the Opening Ceremony.

As we head into the final week of the Summer Games, there will be plenty more buzzworthy moments. Follow our continuing coverage in Adweek, and stay tuned for more Summer Games Impact Reports covering the top moments from the worldwide event.