Every four years, more than 200 countries send their elite athletes to a single city to participate in the foremost sporting event. National pride swells and people fix their attention on watching the best of the best compete for 16 days.

NBC is set to broadcast over 2,000 hours of Summer Games content, ensuring every key moment can be watched live. New to this Games, those moments will also be shared in real-time. 85% of viewers will be multi-screening this Games with social media as the third most popular activity on the second screen.


Already, the social media impact of the Games is evident in the data. Over July, interest in the event has grown exponentially achieving just under 1 million engagements 2 days before the opening ceremony.


Breaking out the data into each country’s team reveals the United States is capturing the bulk of social media engagements, followed by host country Brazil. However, the United States has a large population and thus large fan base. When social media engagements are normalized to country population, teams from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Qatar are the standouts.

Jamaica achieved more than 120,000 engagements per million people, nearly 25x the 5,000 engagements per million people from the United States. One can be sure the Jamaicans will be active across screens throughout the Games, particularly when following their world-class track and field team.


Two sports stand out as being the most anticipated competitions among Americans. Basketball and gymnastics together achieved the majority of the Games social media engagements in July making them the popular can’t-miss events.

The general/other category received 32% of the social media engagements meaning many Americans are excited about the variety sports at the Games, not just one.


Summer Games sponsorships are a chance for leading brands to take advantage of an extended event with global attention. By leveraging social affinities, brands gain better insights enabling optimized creative and placements that match their consumers’ interests.

Social affinities reveal that Americans engaging with Omega are most interested in swimming at the Games. For Gillette, it’s archery. These insights enable brands to make bespoke ads with customized messaging for untapped audiences.

With more content and screens than ever before, the Summer Games are sure to sizzle. Stay tuned throughout the worldwide affair as we report on the key moments making the most impact for consumers and sponsors.