New shows with the most promise for brands

As television viewing habits continue to change, spring entries for new television series have become a formidable rival to what’s offered in the fall. In just the past few weeks, five new shows, all with strong credentials, were introduced on television. It’s up to six if television-disrupter Netflix’s new Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is included.

Series premieres are essential for brands as they compete to engage their customers and discover new places to outperform rivals. However, choosing the right show can be difficult. Last year alone, seventy percent of new shows didn’t survive for a second season.

With our platform we tracked the performance of the spring’s premieres, giving us insight into which new shows might have longevity. But more important, we found the underlying connections between brands and these shows to learn which advertisers have the most to gain from these fresh entrants on the small screen.

Secrets & Lies had the winning premiere, followed closely by The Last Man on Earth. Even before Ryan Phillipe and Juliette Lewis’ crime mystery’s opening night, social media buzzed in anticipation of the new show. Fox’s The Last Man on Earth gained the highest lift of any of the premieres, but total engagement for Will Forte’s new show couldn’t top Secrets & Lies.

The Last Man on Earth demonstrates staying power. The show’s high lift multiple days after its broadcast premiere is indicative of its cultural relevance. Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a weak premiere (it was released in the middle of the night) but achieving lifts higher than its premiere days later points to a positive momentum. The ways in which advertisers can take advantage of how Netflix releases its content will continue to be increasingly important to understand, especially as the number of cord cutters grows.

Overall engagement declined for each show’s second episode indicating the initial premiere hype is beginning to settle. Nevertheless, Secrets & Lies demonstrates its momentum as the frontrunner by achieving the highest overall engagement for the second week in a row, while The Last Man on Earth retained the second spot. It’s too early to make a definitive ruling, but Battle Creek and CSI: Cyber appear weaker than their counterparts.

In addition to understanding consumer response to these new series, social data is powerful for determining which brands should take advantage of the hopeful newcomers.

Penetration per 1k is how 4C calculates brand preference strength. It is a measure of how likely people are to engage across two properties. Using the metric, we discovered the top brands for each new show and recommend the advertisers who would be well received by the respective audiences.

MasterCard has a high affinity for three of the five new shows including The Last Man on Earth. Notable advertisers Pepsi and Chevrolet should look to get involved with the captivating Secrets & Lies.

Social data combined with strong analytics is powerful. It provides the pulse of culture and clarifies behavior. Applying 4C’s data science to the six new shows can help advertisers quickly understand the evolving media landscape and find the best opportunities.