In the current media landscape brands have an increasing demand for ad placements where consumers’ attention is captivated. Since as much of the draw of the Super Bowl is the ads as the game, the most desirable TV ads in town have climbed to $5 million for a 30 second spot.

To maximize the value they get for the price tag, brands have turned to multiple channels to promote their Super Bowl initiatives. Releasing ads digitally before they hit the living room screen on Sunday has become the norm.

New advertisers, either brands who haven’t advertised in the Super Bowl previously or sat out last year, are making the greatest impact ahead of the big game. Year-over-year (YoY) engagement has increased on average 4,263% for 15 new brands announcing ads for the 51st edition of the NFL championship.

Mr. Clean is one of the brands benefiting from the attention ahead of the game earning 25,730 engagements, up 12,451% YoY.

Brands returning to the Super Bowl don’t see as drastic of an impact, though their engagement lift is still up 186% YoY. Skittles is one of the highly anticipated returners earning 107,284 engagements up 309% YoY.

Brands on the sideline this year see a 20% decrease in engagements YoY. Among the notable brands out of the Super Bowl is Mountain Dew who released its unforgettable Puppymonkeybaby spot. Mountain Dew engagements are down 86% YoY.

Releasing spots digitally has the benefit of earning some free airtime ahead of game day. Budweiser’s spot celebrating Adolphus Busch’s immigrant heritage has been rebroadcast throughout the U.S. more than 4,000 times and earned more than 233,000 engagements for Budweiser.

Automakers Kia and Buick are seeing strong support for their ads ahead of Sunday, as well. This year’s spot for Buick, it was an advertiser last year, featuring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr has increased the brand’s engagement 1,506% YoY.

With over 5.1 million engagements across Facebook and Twitter, the New England Patriots lead in social attention ahead of the championship game. The Atlanta Falcons received 2.8 million engagements, indicating Tom Brady’s team on Sunday is the most popular choice.

A large number of people will also watch the game with no strong affiliation as indicated by the 4.8 million engagements on the general NFL and Super Bowl social pages and handles.


For brands looking to strongly identify with their audiences on Sunday, the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ provides insight. Dr. Pepper should target and align with Falcons fans, while Kraft Mac N Cheese should pursue Patriots fans (no doubt an impact of Robert Kraft being the team’s owner).

Samsung may want to skip team affiliations and instead align with Lady Gaga’s halftime performance given the high social affinity between the two.

Check back on Monday when we’ll cover the Super Bowl moments and brands that made the biggest impact on Sunday.