The Super Bowl is the one time the advertising is as much a part of the event as the competition is. High attention means hefty price tags for advertisers. To squeeze more from their 5 million dollar spots, digital tactics have become a staple of playing in the Ad Bowl helping advertisers to extend the longevity of their campaign.

Over the past week, brands have been getting hyped for gameday teasing and pre-releasing their ads. Through 4C Ad Analytics, we’re able to see how Super Bowl advertisers pre-game strategies stack up.


Using our proprietary Teletrax global TV monitoring network, we ingested and tracked the Super Bowl teasers and ads. At the time the data was pulled through February 3, Avocados from Mexico had earned the most free media exposure. Its space-themed spot was rebroadcast more than 1,900 times across the USA. Hyundai finished as a close second propelled by Ryanville and two other Super Bowl ads. Intuit’s spot for Death Wish Coffee also garnered a high number rebroadcasts.

To measure consumer impact, social data holds the key. Comparing the average daily unique engagers before and after an advertiser released their first teaser or ad, quantifies how people are responding to an advertiser’s creative.

In the six days after its initial teaser, Avocados from Mexico’s free media coverage generated a 228% lift in daily unique engagers. Despite not achieving much TV coverage of its Super Bowl ad, the much-anticipated 2017 Acura NSX generated a lot of excitement for the automaker. Pokémon and T-Mobile’s Drake spot also resonated with consumers.


Through social data, advertisers can understand the Super Bowl teams, players, and performers that are most aligned with their brands. 4C Affinities model past social engagement behavior to predict future propensities. They are measured as a Penetration Per Thousand (PPM) Index which reports how much more likely a person engaging with a Super Bowl advertiser on Facebook or Twitter is to engage with a particular team, player, or performer compared to the average population of people engaging with that brand.

4C Affinities reveal that Bud Light drinkers will most likely be rooting for the Broncos on Sunday. Pepsi drinkers, on the other hand, will be cheering for the Panthers. People who like Butterfinger will be paying close attention to Cam Newton. That may have something to do with wanting to see Cam Newton’s touchdown moves and Butterfinger’s promise to pay up to $50,000 in excessive celebration fines. Kia had the highest PPM Index for Lady Gaga, suggesting Kia drivers may be more interested in the national anthem than the game itself.


During the Super Bowl on Sunday we will continue to apply our data science and media technology to evaluate how people respond to one of the largest shared media experiences in the world. So, stick around after the game for updates, highlights and analysis.