SAP Improves Customer Journey with 4C TV Synced Ads

Aug 22, 2016


SAP sought to implement an innovative strategy within its demand generation search engine marketing campaigns to optimize the customer journey and achieve more efficient media metrics.


SAP’s media agency, Resolution Media, selected 4C TV Synced Ads to deliver paid search ads at the same time as SAP ads were airing on TV.


By using 4C TV Synced Ads, Resolution Media optimized the customer journey to improve advertising performance. After being exposed to SAP TV content, searchers used more precise queries, enabling SAP to deliver more targeted search ads and capture improved leads.

Ads triggered through 4C TV Synced Ads delivered 24% higher click-through rates at a 26% reduction in cost per click, but the success didn’t stop there. Searchers exposed to SAP TV commercials were more engaged with SAP website content and spent 13% longer on landing pages with a 6% lower bounce rate. Ultimately individuals captured through search campaigns paired with TV advertising were 26% more likely to become a lead at a 15% lower cost.

The technology connected SAP’s digital and TV media and provided detailed measurable tracking which proved SAP’s Live Business messaging was successful driving better qualified results. Due to the outstanding success of the campaign, Resolution Media has made 4C TV Synced Ads a core component of SAP’s search campaigns.

Metrics showing 26% increase in volume and 15% decrease in CPL