Australia beat New Zealand in Engagement and SSE was the winning advertiser; recently re-branded utility gained 245.8 uplift through TV advertising

The six-week competition to determine the world’s best rugby team completed with New Zealand earning the top spot, defeating Australia 34 to 17. While the All Blacks proved to be the superior rugby team, social data tracked using the 4C platform reveals Australia won the hearts and minds during the tournament.

Aussies bested New Zealand to win in terms of Total Engagement and Engagement Lift. Of the more than 16 million Rugby World Cup social engagements, Australia earned 2,826,786 to New Zealand’s 2,326,884, achieving a 4.1 engagement lift for the Wallabies.

“Luckily for the All Blacks from New Zealand, the winners of the Rugby World Cup, the tournament was not decided by engagement lift, because if it had the final would have seen Australia beat Ireland!” commented Andy Nobbs, SVP, Global TV Analytics Sales and EMEA Activation at 4C.

“Looking at the brands there were a number of great performances from Coca Cola, Emirates, Heineken, Land Rover, Microsoft, Samsung but it’s probably SSE who lifted the advertising cup, with it’s TV advertising-led campaign providing a more than 12 times lift in engagement for the newly branded utility company,” concluded Nobbs.

Tournament Highlights:

  • More than 16 million social engagements during the entire Rugby World Cup tournament
  • New Zealand won the cup, but Australia won the tournament in terms of engagements (Aus: 2,826,786 v NZ: 2,326,884) and engagement lift (Aus: 4.09 v NZ: 2.0)
  • Australia generated more engagements during the final match (Aus: 287,407 v NZ: 225,233)
  • Notable advertisers were:
    • Heineken: High number of engagers, engagements, engagement lift (5.7), and affinity for the World Cup
    • Samsung: Highest affinity for the World Cup (large number of people interacting with Samsung & World Cup)
    • SSE: Highest engagement lift (245.8), 2nd highest TV advertising time (224.0 minutes)
    • Emirates: Strong engagements, engagement lift and affinity
    • Coca Cola: Highest number of engagements (14,782)
    • Land Rover: Top TV advertiser (246.5 minutes), strong affinity for World Cup
    • Microsoft: Strong engagers, engagements, affinity for world cup and TV advertising time
  • Top teams for the notable advertisers:
    • New Zealand was the most popular team among brand engagers
    • People who engaged with Samsung and Land Rover engaged with England
    • Scotland and Wales rugby teams were most popular among people who engaged with SSE