Retailer Gains Incremental Reach and Strong ROAS

Feb 05, 2018


Booyah Advertising is a full service, results-oriented digital agency with a commitment to its clients centered on driving measurable return on ad spend. Booyah uses Pinterest as a channel to drive full funnel performance for a leading retailer with ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar locations, from reaching the target audience and steering site traffic, to driving sales and return on ad spend. The agency and brand also understand the value of using first-party data to target audiences on Pinterest, leveraging high value CRM segments as seeds for expansion through lookalike modeling.


To execute the brand’s audience strategy on Pinterest, the agency leverages Actalike Audiences to find more people that behave like the brand’s high value CRM segments. But the retailer continually needs greater scale than currently available from the 10% of Pinterest traffic that brands can use to model an audience – especially for upper funnel objectives. Booyah looked for a solution that would enable the brand to gain incremental audience scale while still delivering on the client’s ROAS goals.


Using 4C Audience Hub, Booyah enabled the brand to upload its list of high value segments. Then 4C matched the customer emails to over 220 million U.S. adults and created a lookalike model using 9 billion data points over 12 different categories. Once the model was ready, Booyah transparently created a lookalike audience with control over how it scaled and insight into data used to build the model.


With 4C, Booyah was able to create a new pool of targets for the retailer – an audience size of over 6.6 million users – successfully expanding the reach of the campaign. In addition to amplifying reach, Booyah drove a 30% increase in ROAS for the retailer using a First-Party Audience modeled using 4C Lookalike Expansion. The campaign also resulted in a 4% increase in engagement rate, and left the team wanting to test more.

  • 30% increase in ROAS
  • 4% increase in engagement rate

4C Lookalike Expansion helped us scale our program with strong results. The opportunity to use this proprietary audience, in addition to the Pinterest native Actalike Audiences, is a definite value add for our brands.