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Relaunch Your Video: Refuel

May 23, 2019

Refuel, the first installment of our Relaunch Your Video series, uses our data-driven TV planning technology to dig into the increased efficiencies and target audience reach of an audience-based TV plan. Take a peek inside Refuel:

Infographic showing Traditional vs Tech-enabled spend in 2018 for Education Brand

Driving efficiency against a primary demo is only part of the story. Advanced planning solutions also make it possible to ensure the same TV plan not only increases efficiency against the primary, but also maximizes reach of a secondary, more specific, target audience based on first- or third-party data covering everything from purchase history to interests to media consumption. This means brands can not only reach more viewers for the same overall cost, but can also increase chances of connecting with their ideal customers.


For more on bringing audience-driven planning to your linear TV strategy, download Refuel here.