Online Fashion Retailer Cupshe Generates 50% Higher ROI and Time-savings with 4C

Jul 11, 2016


Launched in early 2015, Cupshe is a fast-growing international online retailer specializing in trendy yet affordable women’s clothing. It has found tremendous success with social advertising by using beautiful, stylized imagery in its Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest creative.


Cupshe’s strategy is to stay on top of fashion trends by rapidly launching new products and categories and then closely tracking customer order behavior to drive the next wave of innovation. Although this strategy has been successful in fueling its meteoric success, it has also put a burden on the marketing team to keep up with the proper management and optimization of its social advertising campaigns.


With 4C’s robust workflow and bulk editing tools, two social marketers can now manage the workload that it used to take 5-6 people to do using the native social publisher tools. This frees up those marketers to work on other initiatives that help Cupshe succeed in the highly competitive online fashion business.

Not only has using 4C delivered time savings, but Cupshe also has taken advantage of unique reporting and analysis features to become more data-driven. This advanced approach has been critical to better understanding what’s working and not working and ultimately maintain a strong, stable social advertising return-on-investment (ROI).


Before 4C, Cupshe was breaking even on its social advertising efforts. Now, it has been able to generate a ROI that is 50% higher than before with a combination of stronger insights and faster reaction time. 4C’s intuitive, self-service UI has also significantly reduced the hours needed to manage social advertising.

4C makes our work more efficient. We can now manage and adjust ads in a few hours versus the 6-8 hours it used to take us before. We’re also very pleased with the improvements in ROI.

Mike Zhao, Founder and CEO, Cupshe.com

Woman holding phone with Cupshe post in screen