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Merkle | Periscopix Increases Legal & General’s Quote Completion Rate Using 4C Affinities

Jun 24, 2019


Legal & General is a multinational insurance company based in the United Kingdom. Their media agency, Merkle | Periscopix, work across several Legal & General products. One of these products is life insurance for people over the age of 50. The normal digital activity for the “Over 50s” product only consisted search and display strategies.


Due to success with social campaigns for other products, the agency set out to implement new campaigns for the Over 50s insurance product. The aim was to increase the number of quotes and applications that were completed by reaching audiences that search and display were missing.


To achieve conversions for the Over 50s life insurance, Merkle | Periscopix used 4C Affinities to build unique audiences based on social behaviour data. 4C Affinities allow for granular targeting that reaches the most socially engaged audiences.

Two audiences were created ‘4C Affinities L&G’ and ‘4C Affinities Competitors’. These audiences used connections based on interests related to the Legal & General brand and competitors like Sunlife and Aviva. By using 4C Affinities, Merkle | Periscopix was able to appeal to a highly relevant audience and ensure quotes and applications were completed for the Over 50s life insurance.


Merkle | Periscopix’s use of 4C Affinities was highly successful. In less than a month, 4C Affinities were generating the second highest Quote-To-Application rates and Click-To-Quote Rates. Within six months, the 4C Affinities were producing the highest Click-Through-Rates.

Through 4C Affinities, Merkle | Periscopix was able to better understand the Over 50s audience and considerably increase the overall Quote-To-Application rate providing positive business outcomes for Legal & General.

  • Click-To-Quote rate was 34 times higher than native.
  • App volume was 10 times higher.

After the introduction of 4C Affinities, results grew immensely and helped prove the effectiveness and need for social platforms.