TV and social media have become inextricably linked. By uniting these channels through multi-screen activation and analytics, 4C enhances media value for brands.

To assess the TV ads generating the greatest consumer response on social media, 4C fuses data from Teletrax, its global TV monitoring network covering more than 1,300 U.S. channels in all 210 DMAs, and its proprietary social affinity database with 1.5+ billion brand interactions across Facebook and Twitter.

By comparing each brand’s social media engagements in the two-minute period after the start of a TV ad to the brand’s average social media engagement rate, 4C calculates the TV Social Lift Impact. Ultimately this is a measure of how much more likely a consumer is to engage with the brand on social media after seeing its TV ad.

  • Broadcast TV spots during the NCAA tournament drove 194% TV Social Lift Impact for Applebee’s, helping Applebee’s earn an average social engagement lift of 144% during March and claim the top spot in the broadcast rankings. Applebee’s came in 8th in the cable rankings, also largely due to its spots throughout March Madness.
  • Lowe’s, another NCAA partner benefited from ads throughout March Madness as well as its campaign focused on “The Moment” that tells stories of when home improvement projects begin. Lowe’s ranked 1st in cable and 2nd in broadcast with TV Social Lift Impacts of 92% and 124% respectively.
  • Ads on Nickelodeon, Disney XD, and Cartoon Network promoting Lego’s sets for the Star Wars and Lego Batman movies increased social engagement for Lego and helped the brickmaker achieve the 2nd spot in the cable rankings with an average social engagement lift of 91%.
  • Broadcast ads promoting Under Armour’s partnership with Kohl’s helped drive an 84% increase social engagement for Under Armour.