Television is one of the largest and most powerful advertising media. TV provides the scale to ignite conversations and connect consumers with brands through emotional resonance. Each week, advertisers allocate billions of dollars to deliver their messages via commercials featuring sight, sound, and motion.

To understand which brands are most active on TV, 4C tracks ads across broadcast and cable networks, covering more than 1,300 U.S. channels in all 210 DMAs. To measure the brand impact of television, 4C analyzed social-media engagement across Facebook and Twitter during March. Advertisers are ranked according to total ad minutes aired in each category.

Toyota jumped to the top spot for Broadcast Primetime advertisers in March.

Pharmaceutical brands Jardiance and Humira joined the top Cable Primetime advertisers.

Coca-Cola ad time surged on March Madness.

Investment in NBA ad time ramped up as the NBA regular season came to a close.